WEIZHONG HSEQ Policy Statement

WEIZHONG HSEQ Policy Statement

WEIZHONG HSEQ Policy Statement
(Health, Safety, Environment and Quality)

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of magnetic assemblies based in China, and the majority of our products are exported to developed countries in Europe and North American. We have built our expertise in manufacturing and engineering of Magnetic Assemblies that are made out of various combinations of permanent magnets with metal, plastic or rubber parts with optimized magnetic circuit design. We are able to customize according to customer’s special requirement. Weizhong Magnetics has been ISO9001:2015 quality management system certified by SGS since 2021.

In our production process we insist health, safety, environmental protection and good quality, and we take actions to prevent occupational diseases, safety hazard, and environmental pollution.

Company Mission: Make magnetic products better serve the public globally
Company Vision: Dedicate to magnetic products to be a top company
Company Values: Dedicated, Diligent, Capable, Win-win
Enterprise Tenet: Enable good employees to serve good customers with good products and good service.
HSEQ Goals: Top Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Protection; Health and Safety, Prevention First

Therefore, we are committed to the following:
∙ Comply with all sustainability and environmental regulations;
∙ Protect environment in handling materials and in production process.
∙ Motivate all employees to actively participate in and improve HSEQ goals.
∙ Ensure all employees in a safe and healthy working environment;
∙ Set up goals to act and improve, create programs to measure, report and evaluate HSEQ results. Keep prevention first in mind.
∙ Fulfill our obligations and customers’ HSEQ requirements;
∙ Adhere to Ethics Policy all the time;
∙ Provide high-quality cost-effective solutions to ensure long-term benefits to our customers and the environment;
∙ Encourage the use of non-toxic, recyclable, biodegradable environmentally friendly materials. Save paper and reduce printing.

These policies also apply to our sub-contractors and suppliers. We encourage them to meet the requirements of HSEQ. Our efforts will contribute to a safe and healthy company that we are proud of, and it will help to strengthen trust from our customers, business partners and the whole society in return and benefit all of us.

We hereby declare and promise that our commitment to HSEQ statement will last in the long term.


WEIZHONG HSEQ Policy Statement


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