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Things You Need To Know About Precast Concrete Magnet

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Precast Concrete Magnet is a revolutionary new way to build durable and aesthetically pleasing buildings. Which are a relatively new form of concrete formwork magnet that is used in the construction industry.

Things You Need To Know About Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast concrete magnets are designed to securely fasten precast concrete forms and panels to steel beams and columns without the use of mechanical fasteners. The precast concrete magnet is made from a powerful permanent magnet and has been developed to be lightweight. Yet strong enough to hold up to 2100kgs of weight. It is perfect for use in precast concrete factories and can be easily accessed by a crane or hoist. By using precast magnets, contractors can save time and money, as well as reduce labour costs by eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners. Precast magnets are quickly gaining popularity due to their cost efficiency, durability, and ease of use on different types of projects.

Things You Need To Know About Precast Concrete Magnet

Classification of the formwork magnet

According to specific usage situation, the precast concrete magnet can be classified into The Shuttering Magnets, Magnetic Recess Former and Concrete Insert Magnets.

When pouring concrete into stainless steel plate, shuttering magnets is used to fix the side rail and blocks. The magnetic array has a very strong attractive force to the steel plate, and the switch function can be achieved by the clamping handle. WZ Magnetics has collected lots of useful experience in shuttering magnets. The company can provide suitable solutions to customers with the help of simulation software, testing and manufacturing equipments.

Constructors need to reserve a number of different switches and pipeline holes, and embedded connecting and lifting cylinders. The inserted magnet is used to fix the embedded parts mentioned. Which has a very similar shape and principle to the ordinary pot neodymium magnet.

Things You Need To Know About Precast Concrete Magnet


Advantages of the precast concrete magnet

Labor and material costs can be greatly reduced, and it also improves the efficiency of the installation.
It can be accurately positioned very easily.
The screw, bolt and welding process can be avoided during positioning, the stainless steel plate is free of damage.
It is reusable so that it can remain long service life with shorter payback.
It significantly improves the operating environment while ensuring safety.

Things You Need To Know About Precast Concrete Magnet

It is an innovative construction technology that utilizes strong magnetic forces to hold precast concrete components together. Eliminating the need for traditional mortar or grout. This technology offers a lot of advantages over traditional methods. Such as faster installation times, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and greater design flexibility. Precast Concrete Magnets are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for construction projects of any size.


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