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Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet

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1. What is a pot magnet?

Pot magnet can be also called cup magnet, round base magnet or magnetic pot holder. The magnet is covered by a steel housing, which is shaped like a cup. So, we call it a cup magnet. This magnetic circuit design can help us to get the maximum holding force at the same dimension.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet


2.Different components of a cup magnet

(1) Magnet

The cup  magnet only shows one side, which is unlike a simple magnet. The magnetization direction of the mounting magnet is axial. NdFeB, SmCo, and ferrite are suitable for the cup magnets.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet

(2) Steel shell

The steel shell helps the magnet to be free from cracks and debris. Most magnets are brittle, and the steel shell can ensure the threaded holes and short column insert assembly. The most important function of the steel shell is to increase the magnetic field.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet

(3) Spacer

The spacer can be made of plastic, epoxy, and brass. The spacer is located between the magnet and the steel shell to prevent the magnet from demagnetizing from the steel.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet


3. Magnet with a Cup has much higher force than pure magnet

Based on the dimension, the pulling force of a cup magnet is about 32 times than that of a pure magnet. Because the distribution of magnetic field lines of simple magnets and rare earth round magnets can be clearly seen through simulation software. The magnetic field lines of simple magnets are freely distributed in the air. The permeability of the steel shell is much better than that of air, so the magnetic field line is easier to pass through in the steel shell than in the air. The magnetic field lines will be focused on the working surface through the introduction of the magnetic circuit.

As the figure shows, the magnetic force lines are much more focused than the simple magnet  after the cup shaped neodymium magnet is in contact with the working surface.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet


4. Classification of pot mounting magnets

WZ Magnetics Manufacturing Various Types of Pot Magnets, Which can be divided in 6 types of fastening magnets:  Countersunk Pot Magnets, Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole, Pot Magnet with Threads, Flat Pot Magnet, Pot Magnet with Cable Holder, Deep Pot Magnet .

Various Pot Magnets can be used in workshops, factories, warehouses, and offices. Which used for holding and fastening purpose. Shapes and sizes can be customized. Welcome to Contact Us for more informations.

Things You Need To Know About Pot Magnet



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