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The Production Methods and Applications of Rubber Covered Magnets

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The Magnets Rubber Covered are composed of sintered NdFeB magnet, or circular magnet sucking disc with a rubber shell. TPV rubber coating is a very good choice.  The protective rubber coating protects fragile magnet from chipping and corrosion. In the meanwhile, rubber coating can serve an excellent slide resistance or shear force by enhancing friction without scratching working face.

As one of the professional Magnetic Assemblies Manufacturers, we can offer rubber coating for different shapes of magnets. The rubber coating can cover magnets or Magnet Assemblies perfectly,no matter they’re standard round, block,ring or countersunk hole shapes, Magnet With Threaded Stud or even more complex shapes. Because of the protective rubber, the rubber coated magnet is very durable.

The Production Methods and Applications of Rubber Covered Magnets

1. The Manufacturing Methods of Rubber Coated Magnet

Generally the Rubber covered magnets are produced by injection molding machines through using a certain size mold to coat the rubber coating on the outer surface of the magnet. Black is the common color of the rubber coating. If you can purchase the minimum order quantity, the color can be customized.

The Production Methods and Applications of Rubber Covered Magnets

The rubber coating is about 0.5 to 1 mm thick, which is much thicker than other coatings. Therefore, the actual size of the magnet inside the rubber coating is 2 mm smaller than that of the finished product.

2.The Applications of Rubber Coated Magnet

Rubber-coated NdFeB magnets are not easy to break like ordinary magnets, so they can be used in outdoor applications such as wet and rusty areas, marine (seawater) environments, rough surfaces, etc., which greatly broadens the application range of the magnets. The rubber coating protects both the magnet surface and the magnet. If you want to use magnets on an injection-prone surface, like a car surface,without leaving any marks or scratch damage, the rubber coated magnet is a very suitable choice.

The Production Methods and Applications of Rubber Covered Magnets


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