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The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets

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What are Rubber-Coated Magnets?

Rubber-coated magnets, or rubber magnets, primarily consist of neodymium magnets/ferrite, steel, and tpv rubber. Comprising single or multiple NdFeB magnets/ferrites arranged in a specific magnetic circuit, they generate a strong closed magnetic field. Encased in rubber for added protection, these magnets enhance field strength and enable flexible design for various applications. Common types include rectangular and round base rubber-coated magnets, each offering similar advantages despite differing sizes and colors.


The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets


The 9 Advantages of rubber coated magnets

1. Rust-Resistant & Waterproof

Rubber coated magnets are becoming more and more popular for use in a variety of applications due to their significant advantages over traditional magnets. The rubber coating makes them rust-resistant and waterproof, which can be beneficial in wet or outdoor environments.

The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets


2. Anti-Corrosion & Long-Term Aging Durability

The out layer rubber covering can protect the magnets much better from corrosion. The rubber coating is much thicker than other coatings, plus with the electroplating, means there are double protective layers, thus allows the magnets to be used in various environments, We use TPV rubber material. It has long-term aging durability combined with dimensional stability and physical properties. WZ Magnetics Rubberized Magnets Conform-to RoHs and REACH-Standard.

Rubber coated magnets have many advantages over uncoated magnets. They have excellent long-term aging durability that resists corrosion and abrasion from different environmental conditions. This makes them well-suited for use in humid areas or areas exposed to a high amount of dust or dirt. Rubber coating also makes the magnet stronger and allows for better adhesion to surfaces as well as increased electrical insulation properties.

The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets


3. Strong Holding Force

The well-designed Magnet Assembly inside guarantees high enough pull force in vertical direction. With the special designed magnetic circuits, which generate a strong closed magnetic field enhance the holding force.


4. More Friction & Stronger Shear Force

For some applications, We use shear force instead of vertical holding force, The rubber material is soft and has more friction, The rubber layer increases the friction and makes the rubber coating magnets stronger shear force in sliding direction. Which also been called neodymium non-slip magnets.


5. Prevent Scratches & Protects the Magnetic Field

To avoid direct contact between the magnet and the metal surface, The magnet cup outer layer is covered with rubber, It prevents scratches on the surface. The rubber coat protects the loss and breakage of the strong magnetic field, which also increases the service life of the magnet. When used on sensitive surfaces such as glass and plastic or highly polished vehicle surfaces, the rubberized magnet works well.


6. Adapt to Larger Temperature Differences

The working temperature of the rubber coated rare earth magnets can reach up to 80 degrees Celsius, and the lowest working temperature can reach -40 degrees Celsius, which adapt to larger temperature differences, and can meet most of the use scenarios.


7. Adapt to More Working Conditions

For certain magnet applications that require long-term exposure to outdoor sunlight, liquids with corrosive gases, oil pollution, etc., Rubberized magnet is a good solution for those traditional magnetic assemblies cannot operate in.
Because of the rubber layer covered on the outside, Rubber Coated pot magnet have very good UV resistance, good oil resistance, and outstanding environmental resistance, etc., For applications that require long-term exposure to outdoor sunlight, corrosive gases and liquids, oil pollution, etc., No doubt Rubber Coated Magnet is the best solution.

The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets


8. More Range of Mounting Method

The Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets have more mounting methods, Which can be used with different types of standard fasteners and accessories with borehole, counterbore, threaded holes, threaded bush, threaded bolt.

The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets


9. More Color Options Suitable for Different Applications.

We have various color options of Rubber Coated Magnets, Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and more, which can be used in different applications.

Rubber coated magnets are generally easier to handle and install than their traditional counterparts. All these advantages make rubber coated magnets the perfect choice for any application that requires a strong hold with excellent protection from the elements.

The 9 Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets



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