Use Neodymium Magnets to Replace Drilling and Welding

Resume of Shuttering Magnets

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As a new generation of building material in the construction industry, precast concrete has been widely used in Europe, America and the Middle Eastern.

Shuttering Magnet is one of the key accessories in the precast concrete system. They are used to support the side rails and blocks when pouring concrete.


1. The Structure of a shuttering magnet

Resume of Shuttering Magnets


2. The working principle of precast shuttering

Magnetic array is the core component of the complete shuttering magnet. The neodymium magnets forms a special magnetic circuit together with the steel plate and the attractive force can be controlled by the air gap. The relevant magnetic circuit as the following figure shows.

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Resume of Shuttering Magnets


3. Advantages of china shuttering magnet

  • It will reduce complexity and installation time because it can be accurately positioned very easily
  • With excellent applicability, different concrete products can be processed on the same stainless steel plate.
  • It can replace welding and bolting which will damage the stainless steel plate.
  • It has a long service life, and it can be reused. The payback is shorter.
  • It significantly improves the operating environment while ensuring site safety.


4. The usage method of precast shuttering magnet

Place the shuttering magnet on the specific position of the stainless steel plate.
The Precast Shuttering Magnet will be attached to the plate after pressing the clamping handle.
A professional crowbar is used to pry the clamping handle. The magnetic force decreases with the increase of the air gap between the array and the plate.
The fixing screws can fix different types of side rails and blocks.


5. The maintenance of shuttering magnet

Maximum prevents damage to the magnet and avoids external forces.
Keep the working surface of the magnetic array clean and smooth which is similar to the magnetic lifter
The flexibility of the clamping handle will be influenced by the intrusion of iron filings and concrete.
It should have proper rust prevention.
The maximum operating temperature of a shuttering magnet  80℃.



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