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NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush

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This rubber-coated neodymium magnet has a screw bush. Rubber covered magnets are made of steel, TPV, and NdFeB magnets. the threaded bush can be mounted with different screws, hooks, and clamps. Rare earth rubberized magnets are very durable and can protect the surfaces.

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NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush comes in different forms and can be used in different applications. They can be combined with outer studs and inner studs. Rubber-coated magnet with screw bush is another variant of the round rubberized magnet. The threaded bush can be mounted with different screws, hooks, and clamps which is totally according to the user’s need. NdFeB rubber coated magnet with bore and counterbore can be widely used in the fix application field. According to different demands, install different size screws to fix the goods, and the screw will not screw out.


Components of NdFeb Rubber Coated Magnet

The Rubber coated neodymium magnets are made of steel, TPV rubber , and NdFeB magnets, for the steel, we can use low-carbon steel and stainless steel according to the application environment.


NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush

The TPV is durable and protects surfaces well from scratches when removed from the surface. Because It combines the features of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of thermoplastics. It has almost perfect performance and characteristics in resistance to severe conditions.

It can also be called Rubber Coated Waterproof Magnets because compared with pot magnets, it can be better waterproof and anti-corrosion. According to its 12-year long-term measurement research, the Zhongke Sanhuan Research Institute shows that the service life of the NdFeB strong magnet can exceed 30 years, and its magnetic loss is very small even after 50 years. Since the magnet inside the rubber-coated magnet sucker is completely protected by the outer rubber, which is isolated from air and water, the magnet will not corrode even if it is used for a long time, so the magnetic adsorption function can be maintained for a long time.


Color Options of Rubberized Magnets with Screw Bush

The usual colors of rubberized magnets are mostly black. But we can make white, yellow, red and blue and other special colors according to the different needs of customers. Those bright colors are often used for decoration.

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush


WZ Magnetics as a proffesional Rubber Coated Magnets Manufacturer, Produce different kinds of rubberized magnets, with screw bushes, threaded studs, and screw holes. Each type can be used in different scenes whether you want. The complete series is from a diameter of 22mm to 88mm, and the maximum holding force can reach 550N.



Structure of NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush

Structure of rubberized magnets with screw bush


Parameter Table of NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Screw Bush

Item No.D

* We test the holding force of magnetic assembly by attaching it on a 20mm thick steel plate (low carbon steel with no coating) at room temperature and then pulling it slowly in vertical direction with the device that is sensitive enough to record the strength at the moment when magnetic assembly is separated from the steel plate. This is to give you a reference while the actual holding force in real application could be different with the change of pulling direction, thickness of the steel, surface treatment, etc. 发送短信