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Magnets In Sports

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Introduction of Retrieving Magnets

Magnets bring us assistance in many fields but do you know that people do sports with magnets — magnet fishing with fishing magnets.

Magnets In Sports

The Retrieving Magnets are also known as Fishing Magnets. Just as its name implies, fishing magnet is used for fishing, but the target object are not fish, but metal objects.  Those are strong magnets of high magnetic strength that excellent for retrieving sunken iron objects from water or other liquids. Which are usually used to retrieve the lost metal objects. such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and more.

Magnets In Sports

Fishing magnet is usually made of Neodymium Magnet, and there are two types for your choice, one sided fishing magnet and double sided fishing magnet.

Nowadays Magnets In Sports are getting more popular. Since the “fishhook” is a strong magnet. People usually use fishing magnets by throwing them into a lake, river or stream where there may be some metal stuffs like coin, screw, steel tube etc. In the bottom to fish them out.  And they enjoy the pleasure brought by the moment when they are ”fishing” from the lake as adventure or treasure hunt.

Magnets In Sports

These magnets have a very efficient attraction that they can easily attract and hold ferromagnetic objects. Retrieving magnets are used at various sites for recovering and carrying things.

One sided fishing magnet with a fishing hook has one magnetic face. Besides, you can just tie a rope with a strong pull force onto the eyehook, then throw it in the water, after a while, when you pull the rope back, there may be surprises.

Magnets In Sports

One Sided Fishing Magnet VS Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Comparing with one sided fishing magnet, double sided fishing magnet of course has two magnetic faces. So it has more possibilities to fish metal products. Besides, double sided magnet could be able to change to one sided fishing magnet. On the double sided fishing magnet, each magnetic face has a threaded hole. When screw the eyehook in the threaded hole, it turns successfully to one sided fishing magnet. Beyond that, there is another threaded hole on the curcular surface.

Magnets In Sports

When you go magnet fishing as a beginner player, we suggest you to screw the eyehook on the circular surface. Since there are two magnetic faces are working, it is more easier to find a metal. Then when you find some traces about a metal, but failed to pull it back. It is time to shapeshift, screwing the eyehook on either magnetic face, then throw it again to the lake. I believe that you will pull it back more easier. The reason is that screwing the eyehook on the magnetic face, the working strength of the product is vertical pull force. But when screwing on the circular surface, the working strength is sliding shear force. The most importance thing is vertical strength is much higher than shear force. So you need to use the fishing magnets flexibly based on actual condition.

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