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Magnetic Encyclopedia:

Before the birth of smart phones, the area where magnets were most used on earth was in navigation.

In today’s social electronic consumer goods, everyone has different mobile phones. Like speakers, receivers, zoom lenses, sensors, wireless charging equipment, etc. on the mobile phones are all made of permanent magnets. Below is a picture of the front and rear magnets of an Iphone shown with a magnetic pole card. Location.

However, even in an era when everyone has a mobile phone, magnets are still a mysterious existence. The magnetic field is invisible and intangible, and has a unique personality.

The earth is a huge magnetic field, and the magnetic field protects our homeland.

The earth is a huge magnetic field

The Earth is a Huge Magnetic Field

What is the earth magnetic field?

Earth’s magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, is the magnetic field that extends from Earth’s interior out into space, where it interacts with the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun.

The Earth’s static magnetic field is attributed to electric currents in the Earth’s core. Its strength varies at the surface between about 0.035–0.070 mT. Static magnetic fields are constant fields, which do not change in intensity or direction over time, in contrast to low and high frequency alternating fields. The Earth’s magnetic field is a protective force surrounding our planet. It’s generated by the movement of molten iron and nickel in the Earth’s outer core. This movement creates electric currents, forming a magnetic field. The field has magnetic north and south poles near the geographic poles, but they can shift over time. It acts as a shield, deflecting solar wind and creating a magnetosphere. The field’s variations and occasional reversals have occurred over geological timescales. It plays a crucial role in navigation, as compass needles align with its magnetic lines. Scientists study it to understand Earth’s interior and its interactions with space.

Magnetic Encyclopedia

Permanent magnet materials enter the market through different application methods, such as adsorption (fixing an object), induction (motor, electroacoustic), tools, teaching, etc.;
China has a mature permanent magnet raw material supply chain system serving the global market. High-quality magnetic product solutions make our lives more convenient.

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