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Introduce New Magnetic Sign Holders

Time:2024-6-21 Edit:WZ Magnetics

We are excited to introduce our NEW Magnetic Sign Holders, designed to securely hold signs, posters, and price tags beneath shelves. These versatile holders have gained immense popularity and are widely used in supermarkets and retail stores across the market.

We offer three types of Magnetic Sign Holders:

Type 1: Sliding-in gripper

– A convenient option for easily inserting and removing signs.

Introduce New Magnetic Sign Holders

Type 2: Glue-on gripper

– Ensures a strong adhesive attachment for long-lasting support.

Introduce New Magnetic Sign Holders

Type 3: Rotating gripper

– Allows for dynamic positioning of signs and tags.

Introduce New Magnetic Sign Holders

In addition to their functionality, these Magnetic Sign Holders are available in two stylish color options: beige and black, adding a touch of elegance to any display.

If you are interested in these products and would like to inquire about pricing and further details, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team. We are more than happy to assist you with any information you may require.

Introduce New Magnetic Sign Holders

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