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How to Prevent Magnets from Rusting?

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NdFeB magnets are the top performers among rare earth permanent magnet materials. These alloy magnets are made from a combination of neodymium, iron, boron, and other trace elements, using a powder metallurgy process. They are known for their high remanence, high coercive force, and exceptional energy product, making them cost-effective and easy to machine.

However, the surface of NdFeB magnets is prone to oxidation and corrosion, similar to iron. Without proper protection, they can rust easily. This is why magnet surfaces usually require electroplating. Common coatings include nickel, zinc, gold, chrome, and epoxy resin.

To expand the range of working environments and application scenarios for magnets, it’s crucial to solve the problem of rust prevention. WZ Magnetics has addressed this issue by developing a range of Rubber Coated Magnets.

How to Prevent Magnets from Rusting?

Rubber Coated Magnets, also known as rubberized magnets or rubber-covered magnets, refer to products that combine electroplated neodymium magnets, steel plates, and durable rubber coatings. The outer rubber layer, made from Santoprene, offers long-term aging resistance, dimensional stability, and durable physical properties, providing effective corrosion resistance and rust protection.

Tips for Storing Magnets and Preventing Rust:

  1. Store magnets in a dry, cool environment (consider using desiccants or vapor-phase rust inhibitors).
  2. In warehouses, place wooden boards between the magnets and the ground to reduce moisture from the floor.
  3. Choose high-quality magnets from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability.
  4. For additional protection, store magnets in sealed containers (preferably with a light coating of oil) to minimize exposure to air.
  5. Add a rubber coating over electroplated magnets for double protection against rust and corrosion.
How to Prevent Magnets from Rusting?
How to Prevent Magnets from Rusting?

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