Use Neodymium Magnets to Replace Drilling and Welding

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

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In our daily lives, there are items that require secure positioning. Traditionally, people have relied on screws and drilling to secure objects, causing damage to walls and limiting mobility. Disassembly often leads to waste, contributing to environmental concerns. Our team has developed an innovative solution using permanent magnets, specifically neodymium magnets, which can adhere to any ferrous surface.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

The Strong Neodymium Magnets provide versatile and eco-friendly alternative. By incorporating plated steel components, shock-absorbing cushion rings, and various magnet arrangements, we’ve enhanced the magnets’ strength, durability, and versatility, significantly improving their utility. We refer to this innovation as “magnetic components.”

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

Diverse Applications of Neodymium Magnets:

Pot Magnets

One such example is the Pot Magnet, which features embedded powerful magnets, a steel casing, and shock-absorbing cushion rings. Customizable with embedded holes, through holes, threaded holes, and threaded rods to suit various applications. Widely used for fixing signs, lifting weights, DIY magnetic door latches, securing sunshade nets, and welding scaffolding.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

Rubber-coated Magnets

The Rubber-coated Suction Cup, created through injection molding, encapsulates a permanent magnet in a plastic part, providing a quick-release, reusable, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant solution for outdoor applications.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

Powerful Hook Magnets

The Powerful Traceless Hook Magnet offers a flexible and movable solution for hanging items on ferrous surfaces, such as kitchen hoods. Rectangular Magnetic Assemblies find applications in industrial settings for positioning and hanging tools, featuring holes at both ends for easy wall mounting. Capable of lifting objects several times its weight, hanging heavy items, and lifting objects securely.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

Rectangular Magnetic Assemblies

The Rectangular Magnetic Assemblies Suitable for industrial applications such as positioning and hanging tools. Features holes at both ends for convenient wall mounting.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly neodymium magnets

To ensure the quality and performance of our products, we have a range of testing equipment, including tension machines, magnetic flux meters, and salt spray test machines to simulate corrosion resistance. Our production line includes dispensing machines, assembly lines, magnetizing machines, and various fixtures for automated assembly, ensuring strong adhesion and maximum magnetization, meeting diverse customer requirements and minimizing production costs.

Our magnetic components are customizable, allowing for the addition of clips, magnetic strips, and other complementary tools, making them suitable for various applications.

Beyond everyday use, permanent magnets find applications in high-end technologies such as linear motors, servo motors, and magnetic levitation trains, driven by the increasing demand in fields like electric vehicles and robotics.

Magnet Neodymium consider as eco-friendly fasteners materials

Our Neodymium and ferrite magnet products promote reuse, recyclability, and easy disassembly, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. We advocate for eco-friendly practices in every aspect of life, and we welcome inquiries to collaborate in creating a better living environment for everyone.

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