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Basics of Pot Magnets

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The Pot Magnets are typical representative of magnetic assemblies where the special design provides protection to the magnet inside and the magnetic field strength is improved.

The structure of pot magnet

The Pot Magnets are composed of three parts: permanent magnet, steel shell and filler. NdFeB, samarium cobalt, ferrite and aluminum nickel and cobalt magnets are all suitable for pot magnets in steel shell. The steel shell, permanent magnet, and attraction part will form an integral Magnetic Circuit.

Basics of Pot Magnets


Process and processing technology of steel shell

According to the processing technology of steel shell, the Neodymium Pot Magnet can be divided into turning and stamping design. Different from stamping design, turning design does not require molding cost. And the product line is more abundant, especially for large-scale pot magnets.  It should be noted that for the same size, turning design is usually more attractive than stamping design due to excellent machining accuracy.

Basics of Pot Magnets Basics of Pot Magnets


Reducing the cost of pot magnets

The cost of a pot magnet can be reduced by reducing the grade of the magnet and optimizing the overall design while the suction of the product is not affected.

Low-cost magnets can be used in turning and stamping designs. The related structural optimization mainly focuses on the steel shell and the thickness reduction of the magnet. For the turning design, the size change of the steel shell is convenient because of its processing method.

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Basics of Pot Magnets



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